Slam Poetry with Sho Wiley

Sho Wiley_photo by Janet KvammenWorkshop
Saturday November 2, 12:30pm – 2:30pm 
Carnegie Theatre, 401 Main
In anticipation of Carnegie’s 1st Poetry Slam! Sho Wiley, creative writing instructor and long-time slam poet, leads a workshop where she’ll share advice and techniques. Bring two of your favourite poems or write one in the workshop; you’ll get an opportunity to try out your slam poetry ideas and with one-on-one mentoring you’ll be ready to step up to the mic and go for it! “Poetry is meant to be heard, poetry for the people!” says Sho and who knows that better than the poets of Carnegie! Space is limited so please pre-register with the Carnegie 3rd floor program office. Drop-ins only if space available. Free

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