Edge Grain Artist Reception

Visual Arts
EDGE GRAIN Randy S. Tait, traditional Gixtsan/ Nisga’a carver 
Artist reception: Monday October 28, 4pm – 5pm 
Carnegie 3rd floor Gallery, 401 Main D Cooper '13 - Randy S. Tait - 0519
Exhibition October 4 to 28
(some pieces “on tour” October 11-13)

A carver since 1982, Randy carves totem poles, masks, feast bowls, paddles and plaques. The legends and stories of the Gixtsan / Nisga’a are a treasure trove of inspiration for Randy. His carvings, mainly in red and yellow, tell the stories of his nation’s rich heritage. Before the arrival of the missionaries, the Gixtsan/ Nisga’a people were animists; every living thing has a soul, a purpose and deserves respect. Some of the traditional images Randy uses acknowledge the power of the natural world, of which everyone is part of. Free


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