DTES Front & Centre: Boys’ Night Out

Wednesday November 4, 7pm-9:30pm
Carnegie Theatre, 401 Main

The Downtown Eastside is alive with talent and the FestivalYvon Paul Chartrand - HOTCF 2015_0702 photo David Cooper_crop brings together a widely diverse evening of music, comedy and storytelling. Carl McDonald aka Mr. McBinner has a taste of musical comedy for us; singer-songwriter Andy Kostyniuk sings of the urgency for free love, free drugs, and g*dd*mn freedom; stand-up artist John Cameron brings his brilliant dry humour; the Shawn Giroux Band will punk your socks off; and storyteller musician Yvon Paul Chartrand will make you groan from fear with stories of trolls and strips of flesh. We are thrilled to present the band MSG, led by long-time Carnegie music program leader and stellar guitar-player Steve Edwards. Steve will also join Cliff (Chico) Gibson and his guitar ‘Goldie’, in Chico & the Band for a rousing selection of R & B blues, funk and soul. It’s sure to be a memorable boys’ night out! Everyone welcome!


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