Dear Diary: October 20, 2011

Thursday October 20, 2011

Dear Diary:

Did you know you are my first Dear Diary? Sweet 60 and never wrote a diary.

Really looking forward to the festival when it starts next week. The wonderful festival team is working so hard now. Putting in long hours to make it all happen. This is the toughest time for everyone on the team as there is so much to do, so many details to attend to. (I made a couple of embarrassing errors in the program guide, which have been noted on the home page).

We just got the 48-page program guide out a few days ago and have been working hard now on distribution, production coordination, promotion, crew schedules, artist fee payment plans and a whole long list of to do’s. It is a ton of work. But so worth it. Thanks to our great community for supporting the festival!  Your very positive response to the program guide has been so encouraging, which really helps us get through our mountain of pre festival work.

Thrilled too that AHA Media is providing social media coverage of the festival. I will be able to see photos and videos of events I attended, and events I couldn’t make it to. The DTES is so fortunate to have AHA in our community.

Back to festival planning. See you soon.


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