Sawagi Taiko & Tzo’Kam

Sunday November 2, 2pm – 3pm
Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Centre, SFU Woodward’s, 149 W. Hastings
The Heart of the City Festival is excited to present for our community this unique collaboration of singing and drumming between the all-women Japanese drum group Sawagi Taiko and the First Nations performance group Tzo’Kam. Led by composer, producer and traditional singer Russell Wallace, Tzo’Kam is a Lilwat family group who offer traditional and contemporary songs including drumming and dancing. The combination of these songs with the exploratory nature of Sawagi Taiko’s approach to the taiko art form makes for a fascinating afternoon of world culture and indigenous rhythms.

Sawagi Taiko & Tzokam - photo David Cooper

Sawagi Taiko – photo David Cooper

Women In the Round – Indigenous Women’s Voices

Saturday November 1, 7:30pm
InterUrban Gallery, 1 E. Hastings
By donation
Women In The Round is a rare and incredible Sandy Scofieldopportunity to celebrate the voices of indigenous women who have travelled the world sharing their lives and stories through their songs. The evening presents Juno award-winning vocalist, actor, director and general powerhouse Renae Morriseau; musicologist, technique expert, teacher and vocalist Sandy Scofield; rising star with loads of talent Niska Napoleon; and Downtown Eastside’s own Dalannah Gail Bowen, a veteran of the Vancouver music scene and recent winner of the right to represent BC at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Accompanied on keyboard by Simon Kendall. Filled with variety and commonalities, the evening promises the sound of rich voices and magical moments.

A YEAR IN CHINA: Bill Wong’s Diaries in His Father’s Home Village 1936-37

Saturday November 1, 2pm – 3pm
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, 578 Carrall
By donation to the Garden
Bill Wong & Zoe Wong, D Cooper photo_0186Join us this afternoon as elder Bill Wong and his son Steven Wong read excerpts of the newly-published A Year in China, by Bill Wong and Joanne Poon. Joanne will also share stories related to the journal. With guest speaker Dr. Henry Yu, UBC History Associate Professor; and Todd Wong, longtime family friend and musical guest on accordion.

Owner Bill Wong operates Modernize Tailors in Chinatown and has done so for over sixty-five years. It seems like he has been in the neighbourhood for as long as anyone can remember. But in 1936-37, when Bill was fourteen years old, he and his brother Jack spent a year in China in his father’s home village. Bill kept a journal where he wrote about his daily experiences in a small rural village in the voice of a young Chinese-Canadian teenager. His journals are fascinating, not only for the glimpse into another time but also because they are written in older Chinese calligraphy. The sheer art of translation posed a pleasurable challenge for Joanne Poon who met and talked with Bill for a number of years as they translated and transcribed the journals that were written over seventy-five years ago.

Copies of A Year in China will be available for sale at the reading.

Keepers Of The Flame: A Daylong Celebration Of Poetry

The Downtown Eastside is blessed with a wealthBud Osborn at Poetry night of great poets; poets who speak their truth with soul and fiery conviction. To pay tribute to, and to profile the great poets of the community, the festival features a day-long Celebration of Poetry where we honour the poets around us. And, we remember two extraordinary poets who have sadly left us: the much loved friend of the festival and extraordinarily talented slam poet Zaccheus Jackson; and the Downtown Eastside’s, and the City’s, most remarkable and passionate poet and social activist, Bud Osborn.

Saturday November 1, 10am – 12pm
Carnegie 3rd floor Classroom, 401 Main
In anticipation of Carnegie’s 2nd Poetry Slam! Pamela Bentley and Sho Wiley, both creative writing teachers and long-time slam poets, lead a workshop where they’ll share advice and techniques. Bring two of your favourite poems or write one in the workshop; you’ll get an opportunity to try out your slam poetry ideas and with one-on-one mentoring you’ll be ready to step up and go for it! This workshop is useful for anyone who wants to improve how they present their poetry in public. Sho says, “Poetry is meant to be heard, poetry for the people!” and who knows that better than the poets of Carnegie!

Saturday November 1, 1pm – 2:30pm
Carnegie Theatre, 401 Main

In celebration of the Carnegie newsletter and its long history of encouraging writers and poets in the Downtown Eastside, and in honour of our much loved friend Zaccheus Jackson (2013 Vancouver Slam Poetry Champion), we present Carnegie’s 2nd Poetry Slam! Have you slammed a poem before? You’ll have three minutes to say your poem. Memorize it, improvise it, rant or sing it out. Then five random audience members chosen to judge will give you a score. The rules still have to be decided on, so be prepared for surprises. Featured host and MC is Jillian Christmas. Be part of the audience – laugh, cheer, cry, clap – or step up and slam it, you know you want to! To quote intrepid newsletter editor Paul Taylor “Don’t let your greatness daunt you!”

Poetry On The Street
POETREE with Magdelanye
Saturday November 1, 1:30pm-3pm
Carnegie Community Centre, sidewalk under the tent, 401 Main

Join Magdelanye for an interactive poetry memorial; a living shrine of words in memorium to Bud Osborn. Write your own poem; contribute to a group poem; bring your own poem; collaboratively write a poem together. It all depends on you – the people passing by. Facilitated by Magdelanye, poet and pilgrim, long-time DTES community activist and ambassador for the Camino World Peace Project.

Music & Poetry
Saturday November 1, 3pm – 5pm
Carnegie Theatre, 401 Main

A tribute and celebration of Bud Osborn – our inspiring, passionate, fiercely committed, poet, activist and friend. Join us for an afternoon of music and poetry with saxophonist Graham Ord, bassist Paul Blaney, guitarist Tony Wilson, musician and friend James Ash, and other guests who shared many hours of creative synergy with Bud. We will also be showing photos and videos. Come and read a poem of Bud’s and share your memories. Copies of some of Bud’s poetry will be available at the event.

Saturday November 1, 7pm – 9:45pm
Carnegie Theatre, 401 Main

Downtown Eastside poets and writers meet on the first Saturday of every month to read original poetry, plays, prose and worksin- progress. The evening is free, it’s friendly, and it’s packed with local talent, both on the microphone and in the audience. The personal stories can be quite raw and powerful. Featured guest for the evening is long-time Open Mic volunteer and poet Antonette Rea, a “delightful transgender, intersex poet and activist” living in the Downtown Eastside who says her poetry is “…the most valuable thing. That is my soul, that was my heart.” Sign up for a ten-minute spot at the Open Mic. Hosted by Diane Wood.