An Afternoon with The Raymur Mothers

Leslie Jerome, daughter of Carolyn Jerome

Leslie Jerome, daughter of Carolyn Jerome

Walking Tour
Sunday November 2, 1pm
Meet at Russian Hall, 600 Campbell
$10, pay what you can for local residents
Take a walk with Carolyn Jerome and more “militant moms and kids” who participated in the Raymur Mothers’ direct action in 1971 to ensure the children’s safety. The one-hour walking tour will visit main historic points of interest and will share some of the stories that inspired Bob Sarti in the writing of his new play The Raymur Mothers.

Panel Discussion
Sunday November 2, 3pm
Russian Hall, 600 Campbell
Join some of the women, grown-up children and friends who took part in one of the most iconic and successful feats of direct action in Vancouver history! In 1971 a group of single mothers from the Downtown Eastside challenged some of Canada’s most powerful corporate interests on behalf of their children – and won! Share histories, reflections and observations for the future. Moderated by Jay Hamburger, director of the new musical The Raymur Mothers, by Bob Sarti and Bill Sample.

THE RAYMUR MOTHERS They Wouldn’t Take No For An Answer
Sunday November 2, 8pm
Russian Hall, 600 Campbell
See Wednesday October 29 for full description and ticket information.


Bud Osborn & Poems from the Neighbourhood

Thursdays Writing Collective & Mariner Janes
Sunday November 2, 4:30pm-5:30pm
InterUrban Gallery, 1 E. Hastings Free
Poet Mariner Janes situates Bud Osborn’s life and poetry in the Downtown Eastside, to be followed by readings from Thursdays Writing Collective of new and published works from the neighbourhood Bud called home. Poet, writer, editor and East Vancouver resident, Mariner Janes works in the DTES and aims to bring the multitude of voices he finds here into his work, through found poetry, transcription and storytelling.

Thursdays Writing Collective is comprised of 150 activists, academics, slam poets, novelists and storytellers who explore issues of self-determination through creative writing. The Festival congratulates founder Elee Kraljii Gardiner and the Collective who, since 2008, continue to hold free, drop-in writing sessions at Carnegie, have published six chapbooks and perform at events throughout the city. For more info:

Elee Kraljii Gardiner 2 - POET, David Cooper photo Bud Osborn on Hastings - photo Duncan Murdoch

Heidi Morgan & Haisla Collins

Sunday November 2, 2:30pm – 4pm
InterUrban Gallery, 1 E. Hastings
We have a real treat for you! Two amazing singers with their accompanying bands will take the stage this afternoon. First on the program is Heidi Morgan and Friends. Songstress and bringer of soul, Heidi offers a sultry set of blues sure to grab at your heartstrings. Accompanying Heidi is Michael Bellwood on guitar and Joe Bourchier on stand up bass. Rounding out the afternoon is neighbourhood favourite Haisla with Nasty, Brutish & Short, a roots acoustic band specializing in blues and ballads, with flavourings of gospel, jazz and country. Led by Haisla Collins (harmonica, kazoo and lead vocals), featuring Lorenzo Watters (lead guitar and mandolin), Reverend Gabriel Hebert (slide guitar and banjo) and Father Theo (rhythm guitar and twelve-string).
Heidi Morgan, singer, Tom Quirk photo IMG_4846Haisla and her band, Tom Quirk photo IMG_2258

Accordions on Fire…At Home!

Todd Wong on accordion 2 - photo Tom QuirkSunday November 2, 12:30pm – 2pm
InterUrban Gallery, 1 E. Hastings Free
Fire! Never yell this in the theatre but with a gathering of accordions, you’ve got lots to cheer about. Join the creative musicians of the Squeezebox Circle, mild and wild people of your neighbourhoods. They are planning a program of “songs of fire”, “fiery songs” and “home fire songs” and in true accordion diversity, will include classical, folk, ethnic and popular song traditions. Bring your hot pants as there is no limit to the wealth of material that the versatile and always surprising mighty accordion can set on fire! A popular event; stay for the afternoon.