Urban Cloth Project: Terroir

Presentation & Demonstration
Sunday November 9, 1pm – 3pm
Hastings Urban Farm, 58 W. Hastings
FreeSharon Kallis - weaving canoe

“What fibre lies at my feet? How do I name it, gather and process, so cloth can spin from my fingertips, and cover my skin. Where do I begin?”

Join the Urban Cloth Project research artists, dancer and choreographer Mirae Rosner, cedar/fibre Squamish spinner and weaver Tracy Williams, community eco-artist Sharon Kallis, and community participants, as they perform a work-in-progress gestural dance. Through the dance they share what they have learned so far about growing plants, foraging, harvesting and processing flax for linen.

The Urban Cloth Project weaves together First Nation gathering traditions, early settler agricultural methods and contemporary environmental art practices, through shared investigations for urban cloth production. They’re exploring connections between labour, land and community as the growing season has inspired their dances.

This ongoing project is building layers as they continue towards next spring. The Arts Trust of the Community Arts Council of Vancouver has provided funding for this project. More information on the project can be found at the Terroir website.

Sharon Kallis - woven canoe in CRAB Park


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