“Why are there forests?”
“Because even trees like to live near families and friends.”
– Answering machine message of Downtown Eastside poet Muriel (Marjorie) Williams




Putting All Our Voices into the Circle

Valuing every individual…. Caring for each other

Creating Conditions that Allow us to Grow

Affordable homes…Homes for all….jobs….nourishing food, artfully presented….treatment on demand

Survival with dignity

Nurturing and Restoring Social Bonds

Engaging with our community… connecting communities

Building relationships of respect

Pulling Together

Sharing stories of resistance and achievement…. lessons learned

Protecting our neighbours and our neighbourhoods

Our gathering places and parks…..lands and waters

Speaking out for community

Healing Through Culture

Sharing our stories and memories…raising our creative voices

In laughter…. celebration and sorrow….in ceremony

Connecting our languages and cultural roots….Intertwining our roots

Growing networks of connection around our roots

Standing in our Truth

Facing our history with honesty….Knowing who we are….Educating ourselves

Asking what we can do better

The Deeper Our Roots…The Stronger we Stand Through Storms

“You’re serving our ancestors…You’re serving your future generations

You’re taking care of people here today” – Kamala Todd

“In Times of Trouble, the things that tear our world apart

Also reveal what holds us together” – Journalist Kim Cross


by Savannah Walling