Dear Diary: October 22, 2011

Saturday October 22, 2011

Dear Diary:

What a great day yesterday. At least, it ended great. The morning was another story: woke up with a head cold, very exhausted and still stressed from the work load. Dragged my butt around all morning trying to get my mojo root force going.

Ended up at Si Garber’s workshop on how to work with microphones: great workshop. After years on stage in front of a mic and the peanut gallery I finally learnt how to use a mic properly. In essence: keep the mic just below your chin at a vertical angle so the audience can see your face; have your mouth about one fist distance from the mic; and speak over the top of the mic. Simple things. Great results.

Then came home exhausted, took some Tylenol for my aching head, had a long hot shower, and headed to bed for a nap. Woke up refreshed and ready to roar.

Headed to the Ovaltine to meet Sarah Berman, a recent UBC journalism grad who often works for Megaphone. Had chicken. For my cold. Sarah and I talked about what is going on the neighbourhood and this year’s festival. What struck me is that this year there is a lot of great grassroots arts activity going on with local residents and non-arts organizations.

Then my big lift came: walked out of the Ovaltine and who should be coming down the street? The Carnegie Street Band playing soulful uplifting music. I joined the procession as they headed to Oppenheimer Park for the Oppenheimer Park Community Arts Show Opening Reception. They are doing such wonderful work there: great nutritious homemade food for the folks, local entertainment. Everyone was in a great mood. After the meal and entertainment The Carnegie Street Band struck up “And When the Saints Go Marching In”, and everyone in the crowd, as if following some collective memory cue, starting the procession across the park and down Hastings Street to the Gallery Gachet where the party continued. What a great way to end the day. A community together. Celebrating. Sharing good food. Sharing their art, their voice and their love for this extraordinary community. I am blessed to live and work here with these great people.


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