Big Print Project Chinatown

20161028_140951-copy11am – 3pm
Raven’s Eye Studio, 456 E. Hastings
Big Print Project Chinatown took place at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen plaza last August on the BC Day weekend and focused on the richness of Vancouver’s Chinese and Aboriginal cultures. The project featured a team of artists and printmakers who carved and printed dramatic 4ft x 8ft woodcuts that highlighted the possibilities of large wood-relief printmaking that were pressed with a full-size steamroller! Artists include Corey Bulpitt, Haisla Collins, Kee Toy Joseph, Jeanette Lee, Sharifah Marsden, Gerald Pedros, Susan Point, Connie Sabo, Jerry Whitehead, Sylvia Wong and June Yun. Come and see some of the works now on display during the Heart of the City Festival! For more information contact Jerry Whitehead at 604-716-1339.


Exhibit & Reception
Wednesday October 26, 5pm – 6pm
Carnegie 3rd Floor Gallery, 401 Main
Exhibition to October 30
from-buffalo-meat-bill-quinn-and-his-artworkThis powerful series of artwork by longtime DTES resident and First Nation elder Bill Quinn is the result of a lifetime of experience on the underside of colonialism. Bill’s collages make an unequivocal statement about the nature of imperialism and global capitalism and the impact these forces have had on the indigenous people of the world. Fifteen years ago Bill took an original approach to collage art, and began to transcribe his rich understanding of contemporary society into a visual discourse that layers tragedy and humour into this one-of-a-kind exploration of the journey – and the story – of buffalo meat to baloney. Today is an opportunity to share some time with Bill and his work.

Raven’s Eye Open Studio

Open Studio
October 23 – 25 & October 28 – November 1, 12pm – 4pm 
Raven’s Eye Studio, 458 E. Hastings

Jerry Whitehead

Jerry Whitehead

On weekday afternoons during the Festival, the artists of the Raven’s Eye Studio will open the doors to host an ongoing First Nations artist studio. A group of artists work in the studio on a regular basis and they are happy to talk with you. See the artwork, talk to the artists. Artists include studio coordinator Jerry Whitehead, painter and muralist, and sculptor Gary Oliver. Make sure you take the opportunity to talk with Jerry about the spectacular mural, Through the Eye of the Raven, on the side of the Orwell Hotel where the studio is based on the ground floor. Free

Edge Grain Artist Reception

Visual Arts
EDGE GRAIN Randy S. Tait, traditional Gixtsan/ Nisga’a carver 
Artist reception: Monday October 28, 4pm – 5pm 
Carnegie 3rd floor Gallery, 401 Main D Cooper '13 - Randy S. Tait - 0519
Exhibition October 4 to 28
(some pieces “on tour” October 11-13)

A carver since 1982, Randy carves totem poles, masks, feast bowls, paddles and plaques. The legends and stories of the Gixtsan / Nisga’a are a treasure trove of inspiration for Randy. His carvings, mainly in red and yellow, tell the stories of his nation’s rich heritage. Before the arrival of the missionaries, the Gixtsan/ Nisga’a people were animists; every living thing has a soul, a purpose and deserves respect. Some of the traditional images Randy uses acknowledge the power of the natural world, of which everyone is part of. Free