City of Vancouver Proclamation

The City of Vancouver proclaimed Tuesday, October 30, 2012, City of Vancouver Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival Day.

(l-r) Terry Hunter (Executive Director, Vancouver Moving Theatre/Artistic Producer, DTES Heart of the City Festival), Mayor Gregor Robertson and Gena Thompson (President, Carnegie Community Centre Association)

    Welcome to the 2012 Heart of the City Festival

    The Downtown Eastside is our home, a home we share with thousands of other diverse people who deeply love this community. The poet Muriel Marjorie (Williams), who graces the cover of this year’s program guide, shouts it out so eloquently: “I love the Downtown Eastside because of its beauty and its strength, its refusal to SHUT UP and its insistence upon justice.”

    This line of fiery poetry exemplifies the theme of this year’s festival: Voices from the Heart.

    Here you will hear voices that inform, raise awareness and educate about the stories, concerns, values, heritage, art forms, community plans and exciting art generated in Vancouver’s founding community.

    Voices that speak to the wisdom and power of our community and the challenges it faces. And voices that celebrate the neighbourhood’s indigenous stories so that old and new community members can draw strength from the community’s heritage, feel pride in its residents and values and understand its roots.

    Thank you to our community partners and all those in the community who have helped realize this year’s event, our ninth annual festival. Thank you to our festival team who have worked with such dedication to produce, promote and present the many events throughout our neighbourhood at this year’s festival. And a special heartfelt thank you to Teresa Vandertuin (Associate Artistic Producer) for the passion, commitment, care, thoroughness and sense of humour she pours into the festival.

    See you at the Festival everyone! Enjoy!

    Terry Hunter
    Executive Director, Vancouver Moving Theatre
    Artistic Producer, DTES Heart of the City Festival

    Savannah Walling
    Artistic Director, Vancouver Moving Theatre
    Associate Artistic Director, DTES Heart of the City Festival

      Program Guide Locations

      The program guides for this year’s festival are getting out there. Here is the current list of locations. Places where you’re likely to find plenty of copies are marked with an asterisk (*). If you want to pick up a few copies to give to friends please get them from these places as the other locations have limited quantities.

      We will be adding more locations as program guides are delivered, so check back.

      You can also download a pdf of the program guide. (This is a large file and may take a few minutes to download.)


      Carnegie Centre* – Hastings and Main
      Roundhouse Community Centre*

      Western Front  – 303 East 8th
      Mt Pleasant Library and Community Centre* – Kingsway near Broadway
      The Rhizome Café  – 317 Broadway
      Gene Café  – Kingsway & 8th Ave
      Our Town Café – Kingsway & Broadway
      Bonchaz Bakery – Main & Broadway
      Bean Around the World – 2528 Main
      Waves Coffee – 2588 Main
      Liberty Bakery – Main & 21st
      Bean Around World – 3598 Main
      Locus – 4121 Main
      The Grind – 4124 Main
      Blends – 4198 Main
      Saltspring Coffee Co. – 4295 Main
      Splitz – 4242 Main
      Café Montmarte – 4362 Main
      Solly’s Bagels – 28 th Ave, near Main

      Uprising Bakery – 1697 Venables
      Kettle Society – 1725 Venables
      Vancouver East Cultural Centre – Venables & Victoria
      Zawa – 920 Commercial Drive
      Adelina’s – 952 Commercial Drive
      Food Co-op – 1034 Commercial Drive
      Brittannia Library* – 1000 block Commercial Drive
      Joe’s – 1150 Commercial Drive
      Havana – 1212 Commercial Drive
      Turk’s Café – 1280 Commercial Drive
      Highlife Records – 1317 Commercial Drive
      Co-op Bookstore – 1390 Commercial Drive
      Café du Soleil – 1393 Commercial Drive
      Vera’s Burgers – 1438 Commercial Drive
      Euro Café – 1468 Commercial Drive
      Il Mercato* – Commercial & First Ave
      Washing Wells Laundry – 1910 Commercial Drive
      Café Deux Soleils – 2096 Commercial Drive
      JJ Bean – 2206 Commercial Drive

      Aboriginal Friendship Centre 1607 Hastings East
      Hastings VPL Library Branch 2674 Hastings East