Barrio Flamenco

Music & Dance
BARRIO FLAMENCO: Flamenco for the People
Sunday November 1, 7pm – 10pm
The Ironworks, 235 Alexander
By donation at the door

Celebrate the spirit of the Downtown Eastside with an unforgettable evening of live flamenco music and dance! Flamenco is an art form by and for the people, danced and played with spirit, ferocity, laughter and tears. It was born in the taverns and living rooms of the barrios, or poor neighbourhoods, of Southern Spain – a song of the street, a cry, and a celebration.

Hosted by flamenco artist and teacher Kelty McKerracher, Barrio Flamenco features some of the most compelling flamenco dancers, singers and musicians in the city, alongside the Carnegie DTES Flamencos. This year Kelty hosts, direct from Spain, singer Naike Ponce, in her first Canadian appearance.

Also featured this evening are guitarist Peter Mole, singer Farnaz Ohadi, dancers Michelle Harding, Andrea William, Maria Avila, young favourite Sophia Ludwig, and many more!

To celebrate Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, our Barrio Flamenco includes a shrine to honour those who have gone before. On the night when the divide between this world and the spirit world blurs, join us for this exciting juerga (flamenco party) to laugh, play, pray, cry, enjoy and stamp your feet!

An annual venue-packed favourite. Olé!

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