This year, the Festival will be offering pop-up, outdoor Art in the Streets activities including music, poetry, writing, reading, and opera. We’ve invited a number of performers and groups to take part, including David Gowman and The Legion of Flying Monkeys; DTES Writers Collective; DTES Poets Corner; Carnegie Learning Centre mobile writing workshop; City Opera Vancouver; theatrical clowning with Gerardo Avila; musician Michael Edward Nardachioni; and Brad Muirhead and the Hastings Street Band. COVID protocols are in place.    

Possible hosts include Woodwards Atrium; 312 Main, Evelyne Saller Centre and the Downtown Community Health Clinic, as well as random locations in the neighbourhood. Hopefully we’ll find you where you are. Go to our Facebook page for “day-of” schedules for outdoor Art in the Streets



Thursday October 29, 1pm – 3pm

Friday October 30, 1pm – 3pm

Saturday October 31, 1pm – 3pm

Monday November 2, 1pm – 3pm

Tuesday November 3, 1pm – 3pm

Wednesday November 4, 1pm – 3pm

Thursday November 5, 1pm – 3pm

Friday November 6, 1pm – 3pm