Monday November 2


Monday November 2, 1pm-3pm
Carnegie Community Centre Theatre
401 Main

The Carnegie Village Choir Project is a community cultural endeavor with voice as its focus – particularly the singing voice. The village includes all ages and abilities, cultures and ethnicities and everyone who wants to contribute and explore their own voice and experience. Since March, the Village Choir has met regularly with Carnegie artist-in-residence Beverly Dobrinsky to explore and share collective roots. In the process they are discovering a magnificent range of material including: ethnic and family roots (Irish, English, Goan, German, First Nations, Ukrainian, Canadian, Scottish); jazz, big band, labour, and popular music of the 60s, 70s and 80s; and original songs rooted in home, land and country. Several participating singers have also generously offered songs from First Nations, German, musical theatre, sea shanty, English folk, and 60s rock classic roots. Attend the open house to listen and share, and get a preview of the finale performance to be held in early 2010. Free


Cultural Sharing
Monday November 2, 5:30pm-7:30pm
Carnegie Community Centre Theatre
401 Main

Culturally specific events bring a sense of belonging and camaraderie to an otherwise isolated and disenfranchised Aboriginal population. Carnegie’s weekly Cultural Sharing Program, now in its twenty-first year, offers First Nations people from across North America an opportunity to share cultural events such as Pow Wows, cultural trips, singing and drumming, and to make arts & crafts. There will be drumming and other guests at this afternoon of cultural sharing, followed by a feast. All welcome. Free

Monday November 2, 6:30pm
St. James’ Anglican Church, 303 E. Cordova

The St. James’ Choir sings Fauré’s exquisite Requiem Mass at this spiritual gathering to give thanks for all the departed, no matter who they were, or what they believed. Pray for all, especially for those who may not have had anyone to pray for them. You are welcome to come and remember all of your beloved ones who have moved on from this life. If you have names of the departed you would like read aloud during the prayers, please contact the church office by Friday October 30 at 604-685-2532. Everyone welcome.

Monday November 2, 8pm
Carnegie Community Centre Theatre
401 Main

A special treat at this year’s festival is the appearance of the award-winning Metis artist/singer/composer Sandy Scofield and her “kick-ass band.” Dynamic and original, Sandy performs contemporary material interspersed and influenced by her traditional Aboriginal culture. Sandy is described as “a complex artist who can effortlessly move from centuries old Aboriginal vocal styles to satiny pop to robust rhythm & blues and rock.” Joining Sandy are genius guitarist Steve Nikleva and world touring artist Brian Minato on bass. Free