OUT ON A LIMB Stories about growing up and growing older
November 2 and 3
Hastings Urban Farm, 58 W. Hastings
Outdoors, under tent cover

The Only Animal, in association with PHS Community Services and the DTES Heart of the City Festival, presents Out On A Limb, an intergenerational digital storytelling project about growing up and growing older. Twelve youth and elders, in collaboration with six artists, crafted animated video stories that will be projected on the wall of the Portland Hotel at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on Saturday November 2 & Sunday November 3.

Conceived by Kendra Fanconi, directed by Eric Rhys Miller, facilitated by David Roche and Vanessa Richards, video designed by Keith Murray, the project launched in 2012 with fifty-two community members whose stories can be seen and heard on The Only Animal’s YouTube channel.

All activities and events, Free

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