Program Guide Locations

Centre A 2 Hastings West
Potluck Café 24 Hastings West
InterUrban Gallery 9 Hastings East
Pigeon Park Savings 92 Hastings East
Co-op Radio Café 101 Hastings East
First United Church 320 Hastings East
Patricia Hotel 403 Hastings East
Seniors Centre 509 Hastings East
DTES Neighbourhood House 573 Hastings East
Thrift Store 671 Hastings East
Spartacus Books 684 Hastings East
Gulf & Fraser Credit Union 803 Hastings East
DTES Women’s Centre 302 Columbia
Gallery Gachet 88 Cordova East
Police Museum 240 Cordova East
Firehall Arts Centre 280 Cordova East
St James Church 230 Gore
The Dugout 75 Powell
Oppenheimer Park Club House 400 block Powell
The Living Room 528 Powell
Chapel Arts 304 Dunlevy
The Listening Post 382 Main
Aboriginal Front Door 386 Main
Carnegie Community Centre 401 Main

Opus 207 Hastings West
SFU Woodwards 100 block Cordova West
Salty Tongue Deli 213 Carrall
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens 578 Carrall

Strathcona Library 500 block Keefer
Strathcona Community Centre 500 block Keefer
Ukrainian Hall 805 Pender East
WilderSnail Keefer at Hawks
Benny’s Market 598 Union
Union Market 810 Union
La Casa Gelato 1033 Venables
Raycam Community Centre 920 Hastings East

Western Front 303 East 8th
Mt Pleasant Library Kingsway near Broadway
The Rhizome Café 317 Broadway
Gene Café Kingsway & 8th Ave
Our Town Café Kingsway & Broadway
Bean Around the World 2528 Main
Waves Coffee 2588 Main
Bean Around World 3598 Main
Locus 4121 Main
The Grind 4124 Main
Blends 4198 Main
Saltspring Coffee Co. 4295 Main
Splitz 4242 Main
Café Montmarte 4362 Main
Solly’s 28 th Ave, near Main

Uprising Bakery 1697 Venables
Kettle Society 1725 Venables
Vancouver East Cultural Centre Venables & Victoria
Bump and Grind 912 Commercial Drive
Zawa 920 Commercial Drive
Pane Vero 950 Commercial Drive
Food Co-op 1034 Commercial Drive
Brittannia Library 1000 block Commercial Drive
Joe’s 1150 Commercial Drive
Havana 1212 Commercial Drive
Turk’s Café 1280 Commercial Drive
Co-op Bookstore 1390 Commercial Drive
Café du Soleil 1393 Commercial Drive
Vera’s Burgers 1438 Commercial Drive
Euro Café 1468 Commercial Drive
Mercato Commercial & First Ave
Washing Wells Laundry 1910 Commercial Drive
Canterbury Tales 2010 Commercial Drive
Café Deux Soleils 2096 Commercial Drive
JJ Bean 2206 Commercial Drive

Aboriginal Friendship Centre 1607 Hastings East
Hastings VPL Library Branch 2674 Hastings East
Vancouver Library Downtown West Georgia at Hamilton
Roundhouse Community Centre 1200 block Pacific Blvd