Afternoon Documentaries

Saturday October 26, 2:30pm – 5:15pm 
Carnegie Theatre, 401 Main
There is an abundance of video, film and media artists living, working and telling stories in the Downtown Eastside. For this afternoon’s program we are pleased to present films from accomplished filmmakers that look at stories of past injustice, celebrate the present and look to reconciliation in the future. Filmmakers and participants will attend the screenings and there will be time for questions. Free

film_42:30pm • Paper Sons and Daughters (2012, 20 min) Executive Producer: Sid Chow Tan. Director/Producer: Deborah Angrave
This bare bones documentary is compelling storytelling of Chinese immigration and family histories. Janey Lew interviews individuals who immigrated to Canada as children by adopting the false identities of others at a time when Canada limited Chinese immigration. These are very personal stories of family reunification.

3pm • Weaving Our Lives (2012, 18 minutes) Director: Raeanne Elkins, Williams Lake BC (Chilcotin, Carrier, Cree)
Produced in the spring of 2012 when Raeanne worked with Vancouver Moving Theatre on the Storyweaving production at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre, Weaving Our Lives features interviews with First Nation elders and their reflections on the importance of Aboriginal Friendship Centres.

3:25pm • We Have Stories: Women in Fish (2013, 25 minutes) Director: Rosemary Georgeson
We Have Stories weaves together intergenerational accounts gathered along the west coast telling of the deep and enduring connections between Indigenous women, communities, water, and fish.We Have Stories asks what the disappearance of fish means for these relationships.

4pm • Tailor Made: Chinatown’s Last Tailors (2008, 60 minutes) Directors: Leonard Lee, Marsha Newbery
Modernize Tailors opened in Chinatown in 1913, and in the 1950s Bill and Jack Wong took over from their father. Over the years, Bill and Jack created suits for all occasions and for customers from all walks of life. Challenged by the advent of their inevitable retirement, this is a heart-touching Canadian story about legacy and finding a successor for Modernize Tailors, a special place in Vancouver’s history. First broadcast on CBC Television.

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