Dear Diary: October 26, 2011

Wednesday October 26

Dear Diary:

What a day. Amazing Opening Ceremony with Mayor Gregor Robertson and Councillors Anton, Reimer and Woodsworth.  Our seniors’ Sunshine Choir charmed everyone, Diane Wood got to speak our community’s truth to power as she read Sandy Cameron’s 100 years of Struggle to the assembled members of City Council, Wayne Lavallee transported us with his beautiful acapella ‘plains style’ singing, and then the Mayor and Councillors joined the Carnegie Street Band on stage to take us home with ‘The City of Vancouver 125th Anniversary Boogie’. The joint was rockin’. What a great way to start off the festival. I am a happy man.

Dear Diary: October 25, 2011

Tuesday October 25

Wow. What an intense day preparing for tomorrow grand Opening Ceremony. Will the Mayor play congas with the Carnegie Street Band at the event?

~ Terry