Wednesday October 24

Film & Video
CHILDREN’S FILMS presented by Gareth Moore
with Contemporary Art Gallery
Wednesday October 24, 9am – 12:45pm
Strathcona Community Centre Seniors Lounge, 601 Keefer

The Contemporary Art Gallery worked with Vancouver artist Gareth Moore to commission a project comprised of seven new films from seven international contemporary artists, including Ulla Von Brandenburg, Keren Cytter, Julia Feyrer, Harrell Fletcher, Mike Marshall, Sylvain Sailly and Vancouver’s Geoffrey Farmer. Each artist produced a short film made exclusively for children and was free to focus on any topic. Moore then collated their offerings into one longer work. The films are best suited to kids eight and up but littler ones are okay too. Unless they are accompanied by children, no grown ups are allowed! Free

HOME BUNTING MAKING with Karenza t. Wall
Wednesday October 24, 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Carnegie Community Centre main floor, 401 Main

What is bunting you ask? It’s a festive decoration, a string of flags, lengths of colourful ribbons or swags of fabric just for fun. Sit down and join Karenza t. Wall as she leads a bunting making afternoon using recycled materials on the opening day of the Festival. Quick and easy. Make one to take home. Become festive! Free

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Special Event
Wednesday October 24, 2pm – 3pm
Carnegie Community Centre Theatre, 401 Main

Join friends from the neighbourhood, dignitaries, Gena Thompson (President, Carnegie Community Centre Association) and special guests from around the city for the grand opening of the ninth annual festival: a celebration of voices from the heart. Sam George (Tse-at-sul-tuxch) of the Squamish Nation opens with a Welcome Song; Bud Osborn, social activist and beloved unofficial Poet Laureate of the Downtown Eastside shares his powerful words; Wayne Lavallee (Cree/Metis), new DTES friend and singer-songwriter brings his unique contemporary voice; Gina Bastone and Muriel Marjorie take the stage and split our sides with laughter; and Axé Capoeira, the neighbourhood capoeira club, will have us cheering with their Brazilian percussion and gravity-defying dance/martial art moves. Refreshments! Everyone welcome. Free

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Wednesday October 24, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Carnegie Theatre, 401 Main

Singing History: An evening of songs to celebrate the history of the Downtown Eastside community and its fight for human rights. Hear the uplifting voices and harmonies of Songtree, Quatro, The Diggers, the Barvinok Choir, Gathering Place Choir, Solidarity Notes Labour Choir and special guests Bill Costin, Michelle Richard and Mike Richter. Led by Musical Director Earle Peach. A newly-written song for the community will premiere this evening with lyrics from Telling Stories a poem by Sandy Cameron and music by Earle Peach. A spectacular concert of voices raised in song. Join in the chorus! Free

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